We are excited to announce that our tower in Bowmanville (SNC0017) is up and in-service.

SNC0017 addresses coverage deficiencies on the west end of Bowmanville. The nearest telecommunication structure is 2.09km, proving a real need for telecommunication service in the area. This tower overlooks new residential and shopping developments to the east between Green Rd and Martin Rd and addresses coverage issues for commuters on regional arterial roads.

As per analysis and studies done by UrbanMetrics, the population in Bowmanville is expected to increase by 3.5% per year to 50,400 (2016-2017). Bowmanville is also considered a bedroom community with only 24% working in town.

Further commercial development to the north of Highway 2 is driving traffic to these areas, driving demand for coverage and capacity in this area. Lastly, residential developments east of Maple Grove Rd. will exacerbate the already limited network coverage in the area.

For more information on collocating on SNC0017 or any other SNC towers, please contact us at towers@sharednetwork.ca.