What Do We Do

We develop communication towers and related infrastructure as a long-term investment. Our clients are wireless communications providers such as licensed mobile operators and fixed wireless ISPs.

Telecom Infrastructure

Shared Network Canada builds traditional communications towers, micro cells and small cell deployments, which we license to cellular service providers, wireless ISPs and other radio frequency tenants.
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Communication Towers

Our expertise is in securing real estate rights and land use authority approval for difficult sites to fill gaps in your wireless network. We secure sites that wireless carriers have been unable to acquire directly. And because we take care of all aspects of design and construction, we’re able to offer these difficult sites as a turnkey solution to our clients.
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Small Cells and Micro Cells

Small cell and micro cell solutions provide capacity relief in suburban areas with limited options for traditional tower infrastructure or rooftop deployments. Our discrete installations can accommodate a wide range of antenna and radio equipment, or we can provide custom designs for specific equipment requirements.
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Infrastructure Financing

We provide debt and equity financing to experienced site acquisition individuals and teams seeking to benefit from partial ownership of telecommunications assets. We have a deep understanding of the economics of building and licensing towers and related assets. We can provide you and your team with the capital you need to develop long-term income opportunities.
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